'Once in a lifetime' means there’s no second chance so I believe than you and me should grab it while we can. Make it last forever and never give it back. It’s our turn, and I’m loving’ where we’re at. Because this moment’s really all we have. Everyday of our lives, wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight. Gonna run while we’re young and keep the faith. Everyday from right now, gonna use our voices and scream out loud. Take my hand; together we will celebrate. They say that you should follow and chase down what you dream, but if you get lost and lose yourself, what does is really mean?
No matter where we’re going, it starts from where we are. There’s more to life when we listen to our hearts and because of you, I’ve got the strength to start.
We’re taking it back, we’re doing it here together! It’s better like that, and stronger now than ever! We’re not gonna lose 'cause we get to choose. That’s how it’s gonna be.